During the process of a software or App development, software testing tools play a significant role in maintaining the quality and overall accuracy in results. All around the globe, development managers use a diverse range of testing tools, which work according to their testing needs and requirements. Kualitee is there for all testing professionals out there, either those are experienced in their profession or at the beginning of their career to accomplish optimized level perfection in results. Top QA analysts around the globe, gives preference to this fully optimized tool in order to detect bugs and vulnerabilities out of there designed platforms before its release in market. Kualitee is a product of Kualitatem, which is a renowned QA services company out there having years of experience in software test analysis and protocols. Kualitee possessed the following test analysis features.

  • Efficient Project Management
  • Test Case Management
  • Bug and Defect Management
  • No Hassle in Software Release
  • Laser Focus Visibility
  • Multiple Access Mediums
  • Allow to generate test reports in Multiple Files
  • Enhanced Overall Security

  Achieve Improvised Test Management and Defect Management with Kualitee

Kualitee deliver more when it comes to Test management and defect management. In comparison to other available software testing tools, Kualitee is rich featured & efficient one, and allow users to endure quality within no time.  As a test management tool, it help testing developers to plan and execute test cases in an organized fashion and achieve optimal level proficiency in testing results.  It’s test management framework, deliver the following benefits.

  • Customizable Testing Fields
  • Make Copies & Save Templates
  • Include Attachments

Customizable fields will help you to prepare your test requirements without any hassle. It will give you the flexibility during your test analysis and make it sure that you can easily integrate your data source with Kualitee with flexible approach. You can easily make copies of your testing frameworks and save and reuse them for further use in future. Kualitee will work as a cost effective tool and make it sure that, you get best out of your developed IT program.

Manage Integrate & Progress

Among all available software testing tools, Kualitee delivers some outstanding project management to all developers out there.  QA services firm’s loves to use this tool so as to achieve perfect integration with JIRA and achieve desired operational testing benefits. It’s always vital for all of you to access the quality of your designed Software with the help of software testing tools.

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