Designed and developed by Silver Edge LLC; EDGE POS is a comprehensive cloud based point of sale software installed by the thousands of multinationals across the globe. For all manufacturing business out there, EDGE POS deliver huge amount of benefits in terms of inventory management, price controls, revenue totals and price look ups. It helps its users to simultaneously track multiple inventories in an organized fashion. This particular inventory management Program required to be tested out in a continuous fashion with the help of a software testing services provider firm. QA testing companies have the right amount of testing knowledge and experience in order to rectify bugs out of a specific software like EDGE POS. Testing professionals employ automation testing, performance testing, security testing, functional testing, and penetration testing tools so as to find out the actual levels of bugs affecting the software quality.  As the EDGE POS is installed by the thousands of multinational companies across the globe, so a tiny bug in its performance may affect the user’s reliability.

Testing Benefits for Edge POS Suite

A software required perfect amount of testing in an organized fashion, with a sustainable approach. Testing for all inventory management software are of huge importance and has to be conducted out without any lapse of time. Software testing services firm are required to be hired on consistent basis in order to restrain quality in performance deliverance. Automation & functional testing is the right testing approaches to identify bugs and vulnerabilities out of an inventory management software like Edge POS.  Functional testing helps to overcome the impact of any defects, which cause poor user experience and lost opportunities in performance.  A software testing services provider firm, will help the developers of Edge POS to achieve perfection in desired results and achieve higher ROI. Functional testing is based on the following test analysis steps.

  • Requirement gathering (Statement of work)
  • Environment Setup/ Planning & Recognizing
  • Execution Of Test Cases
  • Defect Tracking & Reporting
  • Project Closure

Automation is also a helpful testing framework, when it comes to timely evaluation of bugs and vulnerabilities affecting a software performance. Automation testing simply reduce the overall development time and in results enhance the overall testing speed. Development team of Edge POS will surely get improvised software quality in result of automation testing via hiring a software testing services provider firm. Borland SilkTest, HP UFT/QTP, Rational Functional Tester and Monkey-Talk are the most advanced and result oriented software quality assurance tools employed by a QA firm during the process of automation testing analysis. Software testing has to be taken as a contentious process, otherwise bugs can affects the quality any time.