Business managers and entrepreneurs love to use flexiSPY software so as to efficiently monitor the activities of their subordinates and lower peers. This is the best quality Android spy software, which delivers full value for money. It has jam-packed features to monitor all aspects of Android cell phones.  As most of the employees working in a multinational firm use Android smartphones, and flexiSPY is perfectly articulated for Android operating system. This android spy software help it’s users to get desired info either it is related to emails or with real-time GPS tracking.  Most of the time, this particular app perform well, as it is perfectly tested and evaluated by mobile app testing company. It delivers following features regarding spying and monitoring of data to their users.

  • Text message monitoring include send and receive messages
  • Can View the contacts and calendar details
  • View all browsing history on your phone
  • Can see the save videos and photos in smartphone
  • Monitoring of calls, date and time of calls, phone number of individual caller
  • Stealth camera to capture screenshots of desired content
  • Real GPS tracking option, which helps to find out the exact location of person
  • Monitoring of social media accounts e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, BBM, and Viber, etc.

Role of Mobile App Testing Company to Rectify Bugs

Spy software and apps are always more vulnerable and exposed to functional and security vulnerabilities. The developer and designing team of flexiSPY must has to make it sure that desired optimal quality is perfectly achieved by hiring a testing team form a mobile app testing company. Testing analysts have the complete knowledge and experience to find out the bugs out of an android spy software like flexiSPY to make it sure that it perform just like the way it has to be. Only those apps perform well over the period, which are tested and evaluated with the help of mobile app testing company. The more consistent you will be in the employment of testing artifacts the better you can achieve desired level results.

Any android spy software might also have to face bugs and vulnerabilities over the period especially at the time of releasing new updates. FlexiSpy app needs proficient functional test analysis at the date of installing new updates as it will help developers to contain desired results for every individual user when he will download and install these on their smartphones. Functional testing of mobile apps can undoubtedly contribute to…

  • Find out the factors of undesired results
  • Removal of inappropriate user experience

Implement defect tracking & test planning procedures.