kiteworksKiteworks is most advanced and best in class secure file sharing solution that allows their users to enable external and internal sharing and collaboration solution.  This best quality software provides box, Drop box, Google drive, one drive and windows file sharing. It also helps internal and external sharing of content without requiring a VPN.  A secure mobile container is included for securing purposes and getting the things done.  That software also allows their users to develop application which helps secure assessing and evaluation of digital assets management.  Thousands of multinationals around the globe use this software for efficient and effective communication and content management.  That software is for all the small, medium sized and large organizations to keep the level of their content communication in perfect manner. It has the compatibility with all major operating systems like windows 7, windows 8 and MAC. Firework developer has to meet the standards of their software quality by using a perfect quality software testing approach. Test case management tool is a necessary thing to use by the developers of this outstanding software so as to maintain standard of their performance.

Software which is especially used for enterprise management system sometimes has to face usability as well as compatibility issues.  Kualitee which is a perfect Bug case management tool allow the developers of this outstanding software to maintain the level of their software; which is widely accepted by the thousands of users around the globe. That particular software provides the quick status to their online users when they login the account. Its test management requirements cover thoroughly and provide a detailed test plan that provides the required results.

You have not to engage in buying any kind of software or hardware hassle which reduce the cost of transaction.  Flexible users control and multiple formats is the key beneficial aspect of this perfect quality testing tool.  Multiple format option of this fully featured testing tool will allow their users to save their records in a PDF, word and excel format.

During the usage of that best quality tool; security of the software is fully maintained. Users can use that tool without fear of security interruption or breakage.  On the other hand new roles and privileges is also a most impressive feature of this outstanding testing tool.  New roles like admin tenant, test manager, admin and tester could be used by the developer of that software.  Kualitee which is a world class software testing tool have a beautiful interface that makes testing more enjoyable, easy and full of fun.