Kualitatem is going to release a new test management tool, Kualitee very soon. It will allow users to manage test plans and test cases with ease. Software testers are going to love the tool for its multiple features and flexible pricing. It’s simple, beautiful and intuitive interface will make testing a fun activity for everyone.


You can start by creating your own testing project

It gives you a step by step process of detailing

You will be able to create your own test environment

Will give you control to define your own testing team and adding users like developers

Kualitee gives you control in terms of handling different builds and modules in your testing project.


You can develop and execute detailed test plan, test cases.

You can have the control to use and execute test cases as you need them.

You can choose test cases and reuse test cases in your regression cycles

The Export feature allows you to extract your work in PDF and Word any time you need.


It will give you a detailed picture of the type of defects.

Bugs could be tracked in multiple ways, simplifying the process many fold through different viewing formats.

You will be able to monitor the bug history any time with multiple information pointers.

Users are going to love using this online test case management tool for various reasons. This simple and easy to use tool will allow you to start improving and organizing your testing efforts right away.

  • No Software Hassle

Kualitee gives you a stress free environment to manage your testing lifecycle.

There will be no added cost of dedicating hardware or purchasing software

This service based tool gives you the liberty to use from anywhere you want, any time you want and as long as you want. You pay just what you use.

  • Laser Focus Visibility

Kualitee will give you a laser focus visibility into your software application.

You will be able to check out the stability status any time through multiple level of reporting

As top manager you will able to view all the details from macro to micro level.

  • Powerful Dashboard

Kualitee’s powerful dashboard will give you a quick status of your projects as you logon.

  • Flexible User Controls

Kualitee aims to provide added control over your test management lifecycle.

Multiple login categories are added for users according to the control provided to them.

  • Multiple Access Mediums

Bugs can be tracked in multiple ways, simplifying the process many fold through different viewing formats.

You will able to monitor the bug history any time with multiple information pointers.

  • Multiple Formats

Kualitee’s process flow is very intuitive and helps maintain proper documentation and reports of all the activities being done.

You can extract instant reports for your daily / weekly status meetings, or documentation purposes by exporting to PDF and Word formats.

  • Multiple Test Cycles

Typically it’s difficult to get the product stable in one testing cycle. Kualitee will give you the control to run multiple cycles using same test cases or adding new test cases in order to mature the application.

Kualitee will deliver enhanced maturity at the time of your application release

  • Enhanced Security

Application security will be directly associated with identity and role based access permissions

User security will be rooted in role-based access and identity management

Permissions and denials will be controlled by the administrator

Data transfer will be done in encrypted way to protect data while in transfer over the Internet and hence prevent unauthorized access

We aim to keep regular backups to ensure recover ability

  • Email Notifications

Email notifications are embedded to instantly alert the team members working on the project for any updates.

Kualitee’s flexible pricing package

Kualitee’s flexible pricing includes all the above provisions at a very reasonable rate. Initially the package will offer twenty (20) users to work on unlimited projects for a month for free and then after that they will have to switch to the professional package. This will include unlimited users to work on unlimited projects for $400 a month.

Refund policy

Kualitatem is known for putting customer’s interest at the heart of its business. In wishing the same, Kualitee provides a full refund of the cost order within seven days if the user is not fully satisfied.

About Kualitatem

Kualitatem Inc. is an independent software testing and information systems auditing company. Kualitatem believes in providing perfect quality work and in order to ensure that their testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of software testing spanning across Web Application Testing, Mobile App Testing, Enterprise App Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Automation Testing Services, Platform Compatibility Testing and Security Testing. The company offers reliable, cost efficient and quality solutions to their clients making it one of the sought after software testing company in the world.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kualitee!