Automation testing services helps in implementing faster test cycles by making use of the automated test tools. One should resort to automation testing when manual testing starts taking up too much time and money. The automated testing tools are on the rise these days therefore, several advanced features are introduced into it which makes testing easy and affordable.

AutomationAutomation testing VS Manual testing

  • As opposed to manual testing, automated testing breaks software easily and effectively
  • Helps in speeding up testing
  • Complex test cases are executed in a given time-frame
  • Helps in determining whether a test case needs automation or not in the first place
  • It also helps in improving programming skills
  • Automation testing is most effective when the number of cases is to too high and they need to be run again and again
  • Human induced errors are also eliminated with the use of these tests
  • A predetermined order has to be followed when testing cases and it can be very time consuming but with automation need not arise
  • If you plan on running the tests simultaneously then manual testing won’t help at all. Automation testing helps you time the scripts so that the cases can be executed exactly at the same time.

Some disadvantages of Automation testing:

Not all testing can be done with automation as tools have their limitations as well. There are certain things that can only be determined and measured by the naked eye such as color and size.

Some of the tools used in this type of testing are expensive to buy so one should carefully select the ones that fulfill the purpose.

A considerable amount of time goes into developing the tests as opposed to running them by hands.

Implementation of Automation testing

There are a number of factors that help in determining how much of an application needs to be tested automatically. The company’s employees should be well trained to use the tools. The development phase should be well integrated with automation and skilled expertise is required to deliver the above. Sometimes fast testing can also prove to be ineffective so you should be intelligent enough to handle the test cases with skill. One should also be able to determine how much space needs to be tested because at times the entire case does not need to be tested.

Automation is a fair idea when a company has a team which is capable of handling the challenges of automating the test suite. The simple fact that automated testing is flexible, quicker and cost effective gives it a upper hand as compared to the straight forward manual testing. Improved test efficiency coupled with lower cost and faster time into market makes it a much more feasible option than manual testing.