Software-Testing-companyKualitatem has a vast experience and expertise in the field of software testing services. We make all possible efforts to ensure quality and reliability. Our team of experts and testers have adequate domain knowledge which helps in empowering the testing process. We also believe in providing affordable service packages to our clients.

Our service philosophy

Kualitatem’s software testing philosophy is based on three factors

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Usability

We make sure that all features of an application are extensively tested and verified. Our array of testing services includes:

  1. Web Application Testing
  2. Mobile App Testing
  3. Enterprise App Testing
  4. Functional Testing
  5. Performance Testing
  6. Automation Testing
  7. Platform Compatibility Testing
  8. Security Testing

Our Testing Lifecycle

Test Planning    ==>  Test Case Development   ==>    Execution   ==>   Bug Reporting         Documentation

Our resolve to master all software testing skills and services is an ongoing process to satisfy and benefit our clients. We have been using the following tools for testing purposes:

Test Automation Tools:

QTP, Selenium, Test Complete and Rational Software

Bug Tracking Tools:

Assembla, BugZilla, JIRA and Mantis

Code Review Tools:

Jstyle, CodeStriker and CodeAuditor

Mobile Testing Tools:

Fone Monkey, Robotium, MonkeyTalk and HP invent Quick Test Pro

Performance Testing Tools:

Apache JMeter, WebLOAD, Load Runner and WAPT

Test Management Tools:

TestDirector ,TestLink and ZEPHYR

Security Testing Tools:

Netsparker and Back Track.

The primary purpose of testing is to detect any errors or failures in software so that they can be rectified. It also checks if it functions properly in a specific environment or not. Information provided by different members of the testing team helps in correcting the process by which software is developed. Software testing also attempts to target a specific audience. For example the testing team undertakes to assess whether specific software will be acceptable to its end users or not.

The core mindset that really drives us is that we simply love software. We want every product to be the best it can possibly be, and we go well out of our way to ensure this.

At Kualitatem, we strive to ensure that ideas come to life just like you had imagined. Our team of seasoned and highly experienced Software Testing experts put products through cutting edge testing process to ensure quality and reliability. Customer satisfaction means the most to us.