mobie app tetsting servicesInitially the purpose of the phone was just limited to dialing and receiving calls but nowadays computers have literally moved into our hands. In light of this advancement in the IT industry mobile companies are in a rush to bring latest apps in the market. With this surge, it has become absolutely necessary to ensure that these apps do not disappoint the users in any way.
In order to make sure that software on these handhelds run smoothly. It is necessary to carry out mobile app testing extensively.

Mobile App testing strategy:
Mobile App testing is essential so that the end users are not compelled to uninstall it. Quality assurance is an integral part of it. Mobile App testing services provider should have all the answers when it comes to providing an error free App.

Why Us?
At Kualitatem, we believe in providing our users top quality Apps that are not only error free but also provide a flawless operation. We do not believe in substituting real users with Simulators and Emulators either. Our company consists of a group of people who make sure each and every aspect of the application is tested properly. The experts at Kualitatem have extensive experience when it comes to hybrid and native applications.

• At Kualitatem we have an on-demand state of art mobile software testing lab. We test your apps in a plethora of scenarios. Kualitatem standards are one of the best in the mobile software testing industry.

• If your app is tested extensively it would mean your app will be released quicker on the market and you can have peace of mind that it will not run into trouble.

• Kualitatem has a well-defined methodology that makes mobile app testing efficient and effective.

• Kualitatem is pushing the boundaries of mobile app testing everyday. Not only to define cutting edge standards but provide innovative solutions for efficient mobile app testing in the future.

Our Service Spectrum:
Kualitatem offers the following services:
Our company provides clients with a specialist group for the testing of applications. This group consists of test architects and engineers who test the application through each and every possible aspect related to mobile app testing and across all mobile platforms.
Our Mobile Apps Testing Technologies include:

• Automation Testing
• Responsive Testing
• Security Testing
• Compatibility Testing
• Adaptability testing

Some of our business Partners in the industry are as follows:

1. IBM
2. Mcafee
3. Symantec
4. HP
5. Murex

Kualitatem’s mobile app testing service lay adequate stress on the quality and performance of the app, making it an ideal choice for any end user.